Just another passing day

I barred my eyes from watching the reality of the world

But the rebellious tear flowed down anyway,

Sneaking into the flesh of my elbow, resting carefully under my head; and paving its way into my body,

It carried within it an unknown pain for which my mind and heart has no solution

It seeped into the cells and made my skin feel

All that my eyes barred it from feeling

As I lie helpless on my bed, waiting, weeping…

A new day will not light the den of pain

A new dawn will not calm down the storm and rain

With each passing day the tear becomes more rebellious

With each passing night the eyes shuts down even tighter.

Thought of The day

Enlightened God is worshipped by ignorant fools everywhere. How enlightened God really is and how ignorant people really are is something to think about. If enlightenment come from within, I wonder what my ignorance will feed me. If it’s somewhere outside, I wonder whose ignorance do we see as being enlightened. Either way all I get eventually is ignorance which create lies, hatred, and fear everyday, everywhere.

When the Mice Rise

Surrender, my lord,surrender!
Don’t listen to their banter
You go with might , you take your pride
I promise to come,
To save your life…
Clouds were tense, air was anxious
Water was restless and land treacherous.
Future was crystal clear like fog,
And doubts were the answer for every clog.
Soon they saw the land of iron
He stepped on it and blew away the siren.
Laughter of fools gave him courage,
He hatched a plan among this menace
When the fools went away to the land of dreams
He swirled in the darkness and followed his dream.
He cut open the iron with its mighty pride,
His tail danced with joy and the gods smiled…
They rewarded its bravery by putting him in cage,
He thanked them properly by leaving only his tail.
The fool heard thunder and a majestic roar,
This was a message from the god:
‘No child of mine shall live in cage, you drunken fool, you can’t change My Way’
The roar did nothing, nothing at all
Because the gods became less scarier than ever before.
Fools had power,fools had money,
They went to the market to buy god and honey.
One lord escaped and millions were captured
For every brave action was to meet with a fracture.
This was the story of the brave mice,
Whom I caged with my precious,ignorant smile.

A sad day:)

’twas a day, warm and bright

And young was the night

When she came and walked

She heard whispers and talks.

No candles, no celebrations, no tears

No shrieks, nothing.

Silence, absolute silence. And it continued for a very long time.

Lovely! She heard someone say

Wonderful! Said another,

In her mind silence shattered into pieces

But only in her mind.

It was a place where she existed;

Not in any universe or a country or in an opulent house. No.

She chose to exist where she mattered.

A tiny individual in a mysterious galaxy who neither lived in it nor outside it.

She lived someplace hidden, a place which even the secret service of patriarchy couldn’t fathom!

From her place she could See,

The lies people wear and the deceptive words their tongue speaks,

Together they said, “happy birthday to you”

And she knew, it was not the place to be.

All the tears are gone…?

For every lost life she shed a tear and now her eyes are dry, painful and without life.

For every tear she shed took away something from her,

And now what’s left of her is just a residue…

A wasteful reminder of what she was Not but still she chose to keep it,

Since its easy to just survive than to live.

Twenty centuries have passed and still nothing changed

Our biggest achievement – Discrimination, is still positively thriving

While humanity rots and evaporates everyday by the likes of those who can still shed tears.