Wrath of silence

I found a tool to express myself, a way to de-link myself,

From the worldly anthem, from the manly lord,

From those people who never let you free and roam.

Far beyond their reach this tool took me to places, where I saw people going half crazy…

I used it as a shield and from behind it, I kept an eye,

Their eye when met my I, they fought a battle,

my body wasn’t hurt but my thoughts were…

Comfortably numb, I was walking on a path,

Healing my mind with illusion and wrath,

Physically I walked amidst those tyrannical rules,

Mentally I saw them making people fool.

What a shame! I thought while walking past them,

I didn’t realised what a fool I am!

The world in which I live feeds on people like  me.

The illusion of freedom mocked my wrath, 

It turned into someone who controls my path.

I thus got trapped in my own mind and became a prey to my own kind.


Memory – a constant companion

Walking on road with my shadow behind
I saw someone, who I couldn’t find
Those words, those lips filled me with tears
My little grey cells took me in another sphere.

This world was brighter from the world I came
It had everyone who were just a name,
Those ‘names’ were standing in front of me
I asked God,” is this world for a wee”?

For my surprise I came to know
This world, this life will always grow
New people will come every year,
Eventually it’ll become a collection of tear.

This world was made from people of past
With whom everything was best,
It contains only joyful images
It prohibits all the deceitful voyages.


Know Thyself

A time came when everything scattered,

now everything’s ¬†okay and everyone together

that air, that time taught me a lesson

I met myself and the worlds a new vessel…

everything’s new, everything’s fresh,

everyone is calm and no one is depressed

this new vision changed the world,

it looks more bright and nothing’s blurred…

this new friend who resides within me,

this new friend who’ll not live for a wee,

has made me see a new side,

it made me forget how to divide…

its quite tough to find this friend

as its always busy in killing fiends,

but once you find it, it’ll make you happy,

you will ‘feel again’ and you’ll feel lucky…

know thyself 1