What to do?

Here I am surrounded with babies…yes babies! Although they are adorable, cute and little devilish sometimes but overall they are innocent. Their innocent eyes, their “out of the universe” talks made me love them even more…but still I think every baby is born with some natural default and that is…”they probably don’t like to sleep at night”…:(

I was tired last night so I went to sleep but I couldn’t sleep at all Cuz my 4 month old cousin cried like hell…so I took her in my arms, sang her some lullaby but still no use. This lullaby session continued till 1.30 am but still she was awake…at 1:45 she started to close her eyes and then she fall asleep. Even though I was so tired but when I saw her cute little face resting peacefully in my arms, all my tiredness vanished! But still I want you all to give some suggestions on how to make a baby fall asleep;)

PS – don’t forget to look at my cute little angel to whom this article is dedicated!




Debatable love!

Some people want to live in their dreams instead of living their life but the dangerous thing in this is that, that they are not able to distinguish illusions from reality and when something wrong happens their heart breaks into a thousand pieces…

The problem I think here is that they grew in an environment where everything surrounding them is turned into an object of a fairy world by their parents and relatives.
Excessive pampering makes them weak and dependent from inside which is quite sad…:(

Its quite ironic to see that excessive love can damage from inside and a draught of love damages a person from outside…
So the question arises here is this – “how much love should we give to people”?

Is it everything?

Sometimes happy, sometimes sad
Without it all the world is bad…
Who have it, can buy happiness
But who doesn’t, lives in sadness…

Its important as wind,Its important as soul,
Its important for a life and cannot be ignored…

Devil lies when it becomes god,
It crushes soul and made them mop…
Mop their dignity, mop their respect
And thus it shows a different aspect…

A different aspect of human life
In which a human possesses a malicious knife,
A knife which spills so much dignity,
A knife which kills by using integrity…