HERO of SCOTLAND whose works are still celebrated. I was listening to his songs and honestly I lost the track of time.

enjoy it!!!

PS- do listen the 7th song in the play list. Its Scots Wha Hae by Peigi mcCann


The complicated us…

whenever we land ourselves in some troubles, we work hard to find an easy escape from that trouble but, what should we do when someone else is trying to push us to fall in a pit full of troubles. What would be the easy escape in that case?

some people are habitual of distributing Pandora boxes among people. What do they gain from it? Why are they always eager to create a pandemonium in the lives of others?

I wonder sometimes that we know the “people of history” but we don’t know the “people of present”.

very strange..isn’t it?

A Brave Step

To take a step, needs a lot of effort,

to make a way needs a lot of time

but if you keep still and do nothing,

God will punish you,cuz he gave you His time…

“He” created this world with an “Aim”,

“He” wants everyone to progress with “Him”,

don’t kill time just move with it

who knows you may hit,

something valuable which you desire,

you may become remarkable and aim with fire,

the world will know you as you please

you will get your “freedom” and don’t have to squeeze…

A single step starts a journey

but that single step can make you worry

its you who have to decide,

you side “Satan” or you side your “life”…

The “beat” within us would reach to its height

worried, frightened, it will control your mind,

but when this happen, do not be scared 

cuz all the noble people have already passed

this and dared…

The step you choose, just stick with it,

look up and move forward to it,

as and when, you will do it,

you will fill with words like…


A page from my diary…

Standing in a room I saw a hope

in form of a light he came and

made us elope,

in another world where I met many people,

in another world which was made of golden.

As I moved ahead the light became dim,

worried, frightened me looked pale and grim,

in order to catch that divine hope

I ran very fast and I wanted to elope…

I wanted to elope this earthly world,

I wanted to elope this curly world

But wait, my efforts got wasted,

cuz the hope didn’t told me

and did not hasted…

One day before I knew the reality

filled with sorrow, I followed the path

of criminality

I stole those moments, those air

which filled the room

locked them away in my brain,

I wanted to zoom…

In order to zoom I need to “re-feel” that air,

the broken me became more despair,

the longer I felt those moments in my heart

my soul cried but my face laughed.

I was happy cuz he was happy,

my soul cried cuz his was sad

but still my laughing face, cutely as a puppy

congratulated him and didn’t get mad

The hope of my life was being reduced,

all those memories still seduced

it killed so hard, that I closed my eyes

but wait, there is something I realized…

I realized its not the end,

this pause, this time has just made me stand

to face those realities which everyone  escapes

to face those realities which no one wants to face.

This hollowness I know I will fill with time,

cuz I know that this life is mine

I also know that one day I will meet

the hope which has just leaved…

A normal day…

All of a sudden my friend remembered that he loves her partner. Thanks to this single day among 12 months which makes some fake lovers realize that they are in a relationship which they have to show in front of the world. Silly people…
Anyways cheers to all singles out there who loves themselves and double cheers to those couples who really and sincerely loves their partner…:):):)