The mystery called- “Life” (part – 1)

After a very tedious day off from the work, ash was moving on a straight path carrying muddled emotions in her mind and heart. She was eager to find answers but all she could find was getting trapped into the labyrinth of satanic world. She was voracious to find an answer , then suddenly, she realizes that she walked on a wrong path. With a tiresome feeling she turned back with a heavy grief, but then something strange happened…she looked to see what it was and my god she was stunned to see the scene which her eyes was showing her. She wanted to run but her feet didn’t allow so, she wanted to scream but it was like her senses went against her. Her whole body was pushing her to move towards that alien path and all she could do was to struggle inside her head.

Rosy and Mary were waiting for Ash to come as they have planned to throw a surprise for her as it was her birthday today. The needles moved ahead and with every passing minute the lines of stress went deeper on their forehead. They went to search every corner of the streets but no signs of her return seemed visible. Both of them went toward police station to seek help from there.

A cool breeze fills the room. Its effect was so strong that it shook her from the spine. Two inquisitive eyes opens and ash founds herself sleeping on a bed with rosy sitting beside her. She asks rosy, “where am I”? rosy on seeing her awake hugs her and thanks god for saving her. She then tells ash about the accident her cab had last night. ‘What accident?, said ash, and as soon as she starts the rain of questions, mary  enters with a smile and a cake. “lets forget what happened last night and lets celebrate your birthday with a great joy” said mary. Before ash could speak, mary gives her a knife and asks her to break this sadness with the cutting of cake. Soon she got discharged and they took her home.

after reaching home, ash once again asks questions regarding the incident which took place last night. ‘I want to ask you guys something’, what happened to me exactly? how did you find me? asked ash. ‘Dont you remember, your cab smashed in a tree. The cab driver is still in hospital’,said mary.

“But how in the world is it possible? I was walking home last night. I was not in a cab. I remember very clearly that I was walking and I ended upon a very strange road….”

What..!! said rosy, you were walking? ‘ Listen ash , I know, what happened with you last night was very terrible. I think you should rest. Clearly you are not in a position to talk’. Said rosy. “But I was walking”, said ash angrily…

Ok ok .calm down. Relax.Ok we agree you were walking. Then what next? what happened? said mary.

I don’t remember anything after that. I know you guys don’t trust me, said ash.

‘hey, listen here, we are your friends. okay. We trust you and we want you to take rest for now. Please sleep and when you will wake up we will watch a movie together, all three of us. Okay. said rosy’.

They went out from her room and left ash with her questions all alone in that room. She was determined to know what happened with her so she closed her eyes to recall what happened but it was of no help. Quite perplexed and disturbed she walked towards washroom to wash her face…

What happened? asked mary. Why did you scream? ” I saw someone else’s face over my, my, f , face.” Said ash in a very frightened voice.” What…”said rosy, we told you to sleep ash. The medicines which you are taking are very strong. Just relax and sleep. You will feel ok.

Ash sleeps and after some time they both moves away from her room. As the time passed she forgets what happened with her completely, just like a bad dream she locked those memories away in her mind and tries to move on in her life but what she didn’t knew was that some things are like “SHADOW”. They remains with us forever but are only visible to us in the dark”

please stay tuned to hear the second part of my story..!!

Thankyou all for reading…