Wrath of silence

I found a tool to express myself, a way to de-link myself,

From the worldly anthem, from the manly lord,

From those people who never let you free and roam.

Far beyond their reach this tool took me to places, where I saw people going half crazy…

I used it as a shield and from behind it, I kept an eye,

Their eye when met my I, they fought a battle,

my body wasn’t hurt but my thoughts were…

Comfortably numb, I was walking on a path,

Healing my mind with illusion and wrath,

Physically I walked amidst those tyrannical rules,

Mentally I saw them making people fool.

What a shame! I thought while walking past them,

I didn’t realised what a fool I am!

The world in which I live feeds on people like  me.

The illusion of freedom mocked my wrath, 

It turned into someone who controls my path.

I thus got trapped in my own mind and became a prey to my own kind.

Just another day

I piled my thoughts

And locked them inside

Little did I knew

That it will eat me alive.

Slowly,slowly ,very slowly

Its poison disseminated in whole body

It left me and my soul binded

To some unseen, unfathomable crisis.

My mind began to loose its grip

And I lost all, that made me, ‘Me’

But this was just the trailer of the show,

The real scene was much beyond my hope.

Apparitions of ‘faith’ mocked my ‘trust’

And left behind a trail of dust.

My body now walks without a soul,

This hollow body has now nothing to hold.

Roaming aimlessly like a cursed figure,

Its mouth been stitched with the thread of fear.

Fear of roaming like this for eternity,

Kissed by illusion and seduced by blasphemy.

A difficult war

The time has come to take a stand

The minute has come to avenge yourself,

These moments, these seconds will decide my road

Which one should I take- the less travelled or the one travelled more… 

Deep in my soul I know what I want

I know it because I feel it in my heart 

But this heart was soon ambushed by love and care, 

And only my outer body was spared. 

My mind soon started to join the killers, 

My heart,  brave enough,  never liked thrillers

Soon my body became a battleground 

Leaving my soul scarred and down. 

The wounded soul knows where to go

She rooted for heart and let the brain know-

That all its politics, all its weapons

Will meet their end by her strong determination. 

A’lone’ soul

I seek your wishes, I seek your support,
How will i overcome it Without you on board.
A bump on this road made me see,
The hollow, lone figure living inside me…
I know I’ll wander like this for eternity,
But still, don’t know why I seek the trinity,
The lamp of goodness that burned inside me,
Well, its fading away as we speak…
I was strong when i started this journey,
I was sure of its flowing positivity,
But this bump changed that all,
And it made me realise that i only live close to my hollow soul…

An evil legacy

Buried in soil, beneath the surface,
Your memories, your tongue still haunts the place,
The lies you spread opened your grave
But still somehow your evilness remains,
I never thought I’ll see this day,
When the miracle called ‘life’ will turn into jealously and hatred…
Even though you died your legacy will continue,
It’ll produce such fruits the world never knew,
The babies- when they knock the earth,
They’ll be welcomed by this unknown thirst,
“of doing bad and expecting good ”
And life my friend will become
” a parade of nostalgic fools”.


hypocrisy in everything

You question our clothes
You question our life
You suppress our thoughts
And still you are right…

You question big things
You question cruel lies
But when it comes to you
The ‘power’ goes to your mind!

The wicked you thus
Does cruel things
And then justifies it
By giving them political wings

You channel your power
By piercing her heart
In the end it becomes (for you)
Just a game of dart!

The harassing of a ‘her’
Has become an everyday thing
Nobody bothers, nobody cares
About this social sting.

The one who raises her voice
Thus face all the wicked noise
While the one who taught her to raise
Takes the stand and stifle her rays

This here is a very personal poem through which I wanted to show you all the hypocrisy of those people who are suppose to impart education and knowledge in society but ends up imparting wickedness , and as a result they crush and feed on those teachings which they preached themselves!