A’lone’ soul

I seek your wishes, I seek your support,
How will i overcome it Without you on board.
A bump on this road made me see,
The hollow, lone figure living inside me…
I know I’ll wander like this for eternity,
But still, don’t know why I seek the trinity,
The lamp of goodness that burned inside me,
Well, its fading away as we speak…
I was strong when i started this journey,
I was sure of its flowing positivity,
But this bump changed that all,
And it made me realise that i only live close to my hollow soul…


An evil legacy

Buried in soil, beneath the surface,
Your memories, your tongue still haunts the place,
The lies you spread opened your grave
But still somehow your evilness remains,
I never thought I’ll see this day,
When the miracle called ‘life’ will turn into jealously and hatred…
Even though you died your legacy will continue,
It’ll produce such fruits the world never knew,
The babies- when they knock the earth,
They’ll be welcomed by this unknown thirst,
“of doing bad and expecting good ”
And life my friend will become
” a parade of nostalgic fools”.