Thought of the day…

“No matter how hard you try you will remain a lilliputian for the world until and unless you have your pockets full of money…”


Please help…

Some novels makes us feel special but some novels aggrandizes our anger up to such an extent that we want to burn them and unfortunately I am dealing with one such novel…  I have to finish Joseph Conrad’s heart of darkness and honestly after reading its part one I feel like giving up on it…:(
So if anyone knows anything about his work please guide me…I want to finish it but I am not able to..:(
So please help…

A needful shadow…

Your innocence captured my heart,
Brought my soul back from the dark,
The day I saw u, the moment I met you,
I knew you were writing my story from the start…

I am what I am, with you
You never lied, you are always true
The color of your reflection, paints my heart
The ink of your eyes made me an art…

We walk together, we sit together
We laugh together, we read together
‘Together’ is what defines us now,
Sometimes I wonder, all this happened, how?

I am a book and you are its cover,
I am a page and you are a lover,
Together we wrote so many chapters,
Together we defied so many factors…

A little angel…

You brought merry on my face,
You are like the sister of grace,
Your face, your smile, your looks, your charm,
All I remember when you slept peacefully in my arm…

Your angelic eyes, your pristine face,
All made them learn how to hate
That world which only favours boys,
That world which treated girls like toys…

A new hope , a new light,
You gave them a new life,
This little angel changed everything,
This little angel reduced the difference to nothing…





You come in many ways
But most of the time you stay,
In my heart, in my soul,
I feel like going for a ball…

You brought a smile on my face,
I feel lucky to have you taste,
Many are wondering who are you,
Who came in my life and changed my view…

You are happiness, you are bliss
You are my life and you are my kiss,
You made me learn how to live,
You made me forget how to dream…

A taste of life, a taste of kiss
Can give you all the bliss,
Life runs with love and care,
It crawls with hate and dare!!!