The game

Sometimes some things just happen. Whether for good or bad one can’t tell but when that enmeshed moment gets over and someday when you are alone, pondering over so as to what you have done so far, that moment, that memory reverts and along with it comes the angst, the insensibility, the fake ideals and dogmas which one consumes as oxygen throughout their lives. Taashi was one such person among the millions to have experienced such a horrible thing. For long she have been avoiding the voices coming from behind the door but the point was what possibly she could have done under such circumstances where everyone shared a common parenthood – the eternal couple of “pride” and “prejudice”.

She remembered the day when the voice behind that door got boisterous enough to make a child cry and to fill all orthodox males with their pride. Pride, of their manhood, of their bravery and what not! However, Taashi thought of it as a game. A game diligently framed. She was hoping for it to end soon as the game had already caused enough blue marks on someone’s skin. Taashi always thought that why does that woman have to play such a painful game? Moreover, why is it that there are no rules for her husband to follow? Whatever it was, it made Taashi cry and cry for so long! This continued for many years and all these years filled Taashi with an unknown frustration towards many things. One of which was marriage.

As years passed, Taashi grew. She grew with a different air. Whatever it was that made her different changed her entire world. She did not had that casual life or those casual friends who always pokes their nose in others business. She was too busy with her mind that she completely forgot about her nose! Anyways things never went smooth for her. She became one of those whose thinking never mirrored others thought. Whenever she saw a married woman she only remembered that brutal game and the very thought of that game makes her sick. The unwanted pride of her husband and unjustified prejudice of society left a brutal painting in her mind, which still bothers her.



Aesthetically presented the devilish art of destroying women…

Hortus Closus


Art by Oleg Dou

They are silenced,
They are shadows in the world
They gave birth to.

Patriarchy denies their
Rights, they just are child bearers.

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Hello everyone…I want to share my happiness for being nominated for this lovely award by an amazing blogger, readloveexpress22…you all should check her post…they are pretty amazing…



Now there are certain rules which need to be followed…
1) nominate 10-15 blogs and notify the nominees

2)  post the link of the blog that nominated you

3)  share five random facts about yourself

Now the nominees for this award are….
the bibliophile diaries
dork chops
cindy knoke
Tokoni O. Uti

After following first and second rule its time to move on to the third one…now as per the demand of this rule, 5 random facts about myself are as follows…

1) I love to read books but the interesting part in it is that after finishing the book I imagine myself as its author and adds my perspective to it :p and after that I feel amused:p:v

2) I have become a fan of collecting paper bags and recently I got one harper Collins bag and trust me its more precious to me than my own life..:p:p

3) I am a huge fan of street food and as a result I got the title of a foodie by my college friends…

4) I claim very confidently that I am not scared of horror movies but deep down they scares the hell out of me..:p:p

5) now the last one…I love Korean dramas so much so that being an Indian I don’t watch any Indian drama…all my time goes in watching Korean dramas…

Well this was an interesting activity…I never thought I will get any such award… Once again Thankyou readloveexpress22 for nominating me..:):)

hail me

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The pain, the suffering and the pinch
Is becoming impossible to bear
It will not be relieved untill my soul
Returns to its abode of happiness and cheer.

I am drowning, I am drowning
In the bottomless sea
Here they call it growing up
But I have learnt the meaning of ‘experience’ is distancing from thee.

The doubts, and the incessant questioning of the mind
Prevents me from piercing this veil
Which to world of illusion keeps me bind.
O how should I tear it
My weapon, love, is stollen from me.

I feel wild, ’tis not my nature
I am what you are
For you are my creator.

So come and redeem me
For nobody love me more than thee
Bless me again with it as you did in my infancy.

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Happy birthday…

O my sis, let me kiss
Thy cheek, thy hand,
To wish you this day,
To say you two words and
Bring merry on thy face…

You helped me at times
You gave me solace,
So now its my turn to
Spread happiness in your ways…

I want to thank you for getting angry,
I want to say sorry for making you worry,
You are the one who remained a friend,
You are the one who didn’t become a fiend…

Thankyou for entering in my life,
Thankyou for cheering me during harsh times,
Thankyou for everything you have done,
Enjoy your day, Cuz this is the one…


Happy birthday sis..

Happy birthday sis…:):):):)