Something’s missing…

Clouds groaned when she was hurt,
Tears rolled down from the eyes of earth,
But he was still and firm as a stone,
He didn’t realize when her real self was gone…

Humanity ate the eternal truth,
Now truth’s gone, so what’s there to look,
But this didn’t stop here
Cuz the deafening silence was near…

Her eyes were dry and lips were sad,
Face was swollen and looked so bad
But when she saw herself in mirror,
She saw a joyous face and a face full of cheer…

The devil mirror was an illusion,
Who was luring her to a false vision,
For a moment she forgot that truth was gone,
The opportunity was thus seized by devil mob…


Happy birthday…

O my sis, let me kiss
Thy cheek, thy hand,
To wish you this day,
To say you two words and
Bring merry on thy face…

You helped me at times
You gave me solace,
So now its my turn to
Spread happiness in your ways…

I want to thank you for getting angry,
I want to say sorry for making you worry,
You are the one who remained a friend,
You are the one who didn’t become a fiend…

Thankyou for entering in my life,
Thankyou for cheering me during harsh times,
Thankyou for everything you have done,
Enjoy your day, Cuz this is the one…


Happy birthday sis..

Happy birthday sis…:):):):)

Just a walk…

Sunlight pierced the pores of her skin,
Sweat came, rushed down and settled as pin,
A sweaty face and a loud beat,
Sounds messy but she looked neat…

All of a sudden air came in defense,
It became a shield, enlightened her sense,
The naughty pores took all air
Passed dis gift to lips which lies near…

Her lips broaden and cheeks filled,
Her face became more willed,
A walk gave her so much beauty,
So enthusiastic she signed a treaty…

A promise to come daily and walk,
Listen to music and do not talk,
Just feel the nature and flow with it,
Just feel the air and go with it…

A weak life

A monotonous life

shining bright

looking at a fearful sight

bringing all hopes to a mere plight…

screams and shouts and

run run run!!!

wanders with sorrow, didn’t

come come come!!!

the life was sucked out of “life”

past constantly cuts it with knife

serves to the people who calls them “friends”,

because the reality was always shown in fragments…

By adding “R” they turned into “friends”

by removing “R” they become “fiends”

one “R” made things clear

one “R” removed the wicked air…

The “fiend” was strong and “life” was weak,

fiend was “wicked” and life was “bleak”

the difference arose because of their diet,

as one eats “hope” and the other “fire”

This painful feeling…

an aesthetic piece of poetry written by my best friend and the most lovely person on this earth. I hope that you all will enjoy its beauty like I did…

Love is to be felt, not to be said

                                love is to be realized, not to be seized

                                it is to remain within each tear,

                                 and to retain in every sphere,

                                then, why is it blocking my steps

                                 why is it breaking my soul and

                                 leaving me all alone…

                                 I command a sweet consoler

                                not a suppressive commissioner

                                 first you comprehend yourself

                                 then come near my footsteps…

                                 I loved you like my own shadow but,

                                 you rejected me, leaving me in sorrow

                                 oh! god you gave me this feeling

                                now please give me its healing…

                                  love is to be felt not to be said

                                  to said is not to love, it becomes

                                a relationship which is unjust!!!