When the Mice Rise

Surrender, my lord,surrender!
Don’t listen to their banter
You go with might , you take your pride
I promise to come,
To save your life…
Clouds were tense, air was anxious
Water was restless and land treacherous.
Future was crystal clear like fog,
And doubts were the answer for every clog.
Soon they saw the land of iron
He stepped on it and blew away the siren.
Laughter of fools gave him courage,
He hatched a plan among this menace
When the fools went away to the land of dreams
He swirled in the darkness and followed his dream.
He cut open the iron with its mighty pride,
His tail danced with joy and the gods smiled…
They rewarded its bravery by putting him in cage,
He thanked them properly by leaving only his tail.
The fool heard thunder and a majestic roar,
This was a message from the god:
‘No child of mine shall live in cage, you drunken fool, you can’t change My Way’
The roar did nothing, nothing at all
Because the gods became less scarier than ever before.
Fools had power,fools had money,
They went to the market to buy god and honey.
One lord escaped and millions were captured
For every brave action was to meet with a fracture.
This was the story of the brave mice,
Whom I caged with my precious,ignorant smile.

Something’s missing…

Clouds groaned when she was hurt,
Tears rolled down from the eyes of earth,
But he was still and firm as a stone,
He didn’t realize when her real self was gone…

Humanity ate the eternal truth,
Now truth’s gone, so what’s there to look,
But this didn’t stop here
Cuz the deafening silence was near…

Her eyes were dry and lips were sad,
Face was swollen and looked so bad
But when she saw herself in mirror,
She saw a joyous face and a face full of cheer…

The devil mirror was an illusion,
Who was luring her to a false vision,
For a moment she forgot that truth was gone,
The opportunity was thus seized by devil mob…