Thought of the day

“A strong friendship can give you confidence, a better understanding can give you hope but a person who possesses these two qualities can give you your life…”


What to say…

I don’t know what to say,
Cuz all things are on a sway
Everything is going so far
Which has made my life a bar…

People come and people go
Cuz all their demands never meets “no”
Happiness “obstructed” the way things are moving
Everything’s falling and everybody’s losing…

In twisted way things are moving
And clouds of disguise are always hovering
I don’t know what’s real what’s fake,
All I know is that I can’t take…

I can’t take all these things,
Cuz I was born with huge wings
I was meant to fly high in sky,
Not to look on land and say “bye-bye”

There is no change…

” He broke my heart Cuz he have changed”. A common statement made by people across the globe but is it really true? Do people really change? If yes, then how? How can someone ‘change’ just like that? Well these are some questions whose answer will differ from person to person. What I think is that, that people don’t change. We feel like they have changed because from the beginning they ‘ pretend’ to be someone they are not and as the needles moves, they unveil the mask under which they have been hiding their faces for so long!
            The plethora of pretension on which they initiated a relationship with someone expires over the period of time and as a result we see the true personality…this ‘newness’ shocks us and we began to question ‘how can you change’? Instead of asking this question I think we should ask how many more faces do you carry within yourself? Or how long are you going to play hide and seek with the world?

A contagious disease…(part 2)

(Please read part 1 then you will get a better understanding of this poem)

The thick layer covered ‘ innocent earth’
Everyday it gave a new birth,
New creatures were born out of evil,
Who smiled maliciously and bowed in front of that de-vil…

They looked virtuous from their face,
And used ‘ border of innocence’ as their lace,
This lace attracts the innocent souls,
Which were then cut and served in a bowl…

They spread this disease through their words,
Coated in honey and fly like a bird,
Who so ever touches this bird,
Becomes a prey to this dirt…

So be cautious and be alert,
Do not fall for this dirt,
Those creatures will throw a smile so cute,
You will never know when they made your conscience mute…

A contagious disease…(part 1)

She touched a dog, the dog died
She touched a flower, the flower dried
She tested her power every night,
And dead bodies disturbed the next daylight…

Her maliciousness, hurts the soul
she traps them in a bowl,
She closes its lid so tight,
That the soul screams all night…

The soul screams: “let me out”,
Let me know what its all about,
But before soul could speak more,
She came close and ate the soul…

Next morning she saw some people,
Used her words and made them cripple
Her words were enough to “dirt” the air,
With it, she created a thick, opaque layer…

Do I know you?

Walking along the road, I tried to feel the air,
I sat on a bench, I tried to touch the sphere,
I saw a girl passing by my bench,
I stopped her, hugged her, Cuz I thought she was a friend…

We shared the same air, we shared the same bond,
We shared a same life, we drank from the same pond,
So much in common , I felt blessed
But wait, its not the end Cuz something was gonna stress…

I thought we will walk on the same road,
I never realised that she has already chosen a ‘boat’
She went toward a strange way,
I stood alone, shocked, and was not able to say…

So confused, I tried to recall,
I wanna know who created this hole,
Hole in friendship which I can’t fix,
Hole in the bond which made my emotions ‘mix’…

I recalled the face who passed by my bench,
Lightning struck me when I realized they do not match,
Girl who chose ‘boat’ over ‘friend’,
Was not the same Infact she was a fiend…

How can she change what happened to her?
How can she turn, I started to ponder,
I was walking, while I was thinking,
A star came to me all the way blinking…

Star escalated my curiosity, I looked into it,
The reflection I saw, I can’t permit,
A joyless face with a wrinkled skin,
I never realised when fiend robbed my beauty and threw it in a bin…

My beauty was gone, nothing was left,
Tears refused to roll down and I was bereft,
They asked,”who told u to trust someone so easily?
Who asked u to believe in someone so happily…?

No answer came from my mouth,
Cuz deep down I knew that the bond was in doubt,
But still I wanted to trust my eyes,
Now m left with ” no – tears” as it will hurt their pride…

A strong journey

Thoughts were pacing in my mind, Roaming free, I was not able to bind, Bind their body, their naughty steps, Which jumped forward and then leapt back… They presented a film to my mind, Starring- emotions, past and a beautiful life… The plot was simple, it picturized my journey and Those moments which never brought me any worry… Then came the climax which terrorized my heart, Those impeccable moments became the aim of a dart, The dart which passed through the pores of my skin, The dart which pierced my soul and dumped it in a bin… The malicious dart passed a smile, He didn’t realized that he was beguiled, The heart was pure, it stood up again, And the darts effort moved away in vain…