The perfect life

Scattered as always,

Shattered as always

They torment me

and make me hostage.

To speak would mean to use words.

They betray me at every single step.

They release my thoughts and make me handicapp.

Several times I have been at the mercy of others.

To know they can do and you cannot, bothers.

To write would mean to leave a proof.

If they read it, they will know.

Words, then wont be the only thing I will fear.


Words of princess ‘tabi’

We don’t cry, we don’t laugh
We don’t walk , we don’t bath
We roam naked but wear uniqueness,
We ‘call’ people by keeping stillness…
Flying – is how we travel the world,
We became a mystery on this earth,
Being a mortal, possessing same features,
Couldn’t help us from tagging as ‘creatures’…
Our ideas, our thoughts, our psyche is unique,
You can’t understand Cuz u are bleak,
You closed your eyes to the world around you,
When you opened them, you called us “taboo”…
We don’t mind you calling us that
Cuz we know being unique is not bad,
To possess certain qualities, to stand out,
Is not something for you to doubt,
We are happy, the way we are
Don’t judge us, don’t give us scars,
You live your life, we will live ours,
As there is no life who waste ‘hours’…