Happily dissatisfied

I made sure to bifurcate between what’s real and what’s fate

I linked fate with destiny and then I offered you up as bait

You foolish man who went up there

Seizing those opportunities which were not rare.

I took nature away from you and gave you money. Just a residue.

I took your life, I took your mind and caged it in an eternal bind

You want freedom, I say you have to earn it

But how will you earn it, when I know I will burn it.

Freedom you desire is the child of slavery, on which many a soul lost their bravery

All you had was a mirage and you named it freedom,

I pity you, you desolate image in an unwelcomed mirror.

‘I’ and ‘you’ are both the same. I live in ‘you’ and you live in other plane.

There you are desolate and not required, while I lived here and kept the master sired.

‘I’ live in everyone and so do ‘You’.

‘I’ controlled everyone but could not control ‘You’

‘You’ still exist as a seperate entity

And trust me, it is the key to the freedom of humanity.


Know Thyself

A time came when everything scattered,

now everything’s ¬†okay and everyone together

that air, that time taught me a lesson

I met myself and the worlds a new vessel…

everything’s new, everything’s fresh,

everyone is calm and no one is depressed

this new vision changed the world,

it looks more bright and nothing’s blurred…

this new friend who resides within me,

this new friend who’ll not live for a wee,

has made me see a new side,

it made me forget how to divide…

its quite tough to find this friend

as its always busy in killing fiends,

but once you find it, it’ll make you happy,

you will ‘feel again’ and you’ll feel lucky…

know thyself 1