Eye and I

I see those things which don’t exist
I touch those things because I couldn’t resist
Like dry wind I was moving around
I went everywhere and ” nothing ” I found.

Time said bye by passing smirk
And in that time I “nothing” learnt,
People came and people go
All I said was, please go slow…

It became a routine of my life
To see my “I” being cut by knife,
Every cut left an ugly scar,
My open wound gave a new avatar…

My eye and I breached my trust,
Eye met someone and I got rust
This new avatar trampled the “I”
And tears rolled down from the eye…




A long walk and killing summer
Took out sweat and made them murmer,
But still their step were brave and strong,
Which beat d Summer and impressed our bond…

With a smile they came and took a seat,
With lots of energies they looked at me
And wished me with a cute smile
Which proved this relationship will go a mile…

We talked, we laughed, we shared, we hugged,
All those emotions still kept me tucked,
‘Tucked me’ felt so much happiness,
Cuz those moments waved goodbye to malicious little sadness…


Thankyou so much for making it a special day for me...:)

It feels good…<3:):)

Having a true friend is like you are looking in a mirror and you find yourself there…a friend accepts your nature, your cute talks but a true friend accepts your heart, he/she accepts the serene fountain of your emotions which defines your true personality, they don’t need words to understand your heart… By just looking at you, by just sitting with you they somehow know what you are feeling and as a result they put in their every effort to turn your small moments into a grand and valuable moment…and I feel really blessed to have two special people around me who made my day with their impeccable messages…<3<3

She likes to read and generate poems, she likes to read novels and loves to watch Korean serials…I know her, she always likes to make a move in her life, to flow just like the river wye…she knows how to bring smile on faces, knows how to overcome any obstacle in her life…she is the one on whom I can always rely without even thinking twice…her love and sincerity makes me feel a lucky being…in this materialistic world she brings a heavenly dream…being with her is like being with myself…if she gets upset then it becomes my reason of sadness…I made you my friend but time forged you into a lovely sister…making my life full of happiness and in contentment…


Thankyou so much himanshi for your lovely message...<3<3

Now second message..

Here comes the bday of our ‘eeee’ queen, interested in innuendo talks..:p , fan of potato( she craves for it), chatter box(goes on talking about different stuff) and of course at last my adorable little baby…you are the most amazing person I have ever met and I am so thankful that I found you…:)


Thankyou aishi...<3<3

A contagious disease…(part 2)

(Please read part 1 then you will get a better understanding of this poem)

The thick layer covered ‘ innocent earth’
Everyday it gave a new birth,
New creatures were born out of evil,
Who smiled maliciously and bowed in front of that de-vil…

They looked virtuous from their face,
And used ‘ border of innocence’ as their lace,
This lace attracts the innocent souls,
Which were then cut and served in a bowl…

They spread this disease through their words,
Coated in honey and fly like a bird,
Who so ever touches this bird,
Becomes a prey to this dirt…

So be cautious and be alert,
Do not fall for this dirt,
Those creatures will throw a smile so cute,
You will never know when they made your conscience mute…

Do I know you?

Walking along the road, I tried to feel the air,
I sat on a bench, I tried to touch the sphere,
I saw a girl passing by my bench,
I stopped her, hugged her, Cuz I thought she was a friend…

We shared the same air, we shared the same bond,
We shared a same life, we drank from the same pond,
So much in common , I felt blessed
But wait, its not the end Cuz something was gonna stress…

I thought we will walk on the same road,
I never realised that she has already chosen a ‘boat’
She went toward a strange way,
I stood alone, shocked, and was not able to say…

So confused, I tried to recall,
I wanna know who created this hole,
Hole in friendship which I can’t fix,
Hole in the bond which made my emotions ‘mix’…

I recalled the face who passed by my bench,
Lightning struck me when I realized they do not match,
Girl who chose ‘boat’ over ‘friend’,
Was not the same Infact she was a fiend…

How can she change what happened to her?
How can she turn, I started to ponder,
I was walking, while I was thinking,
A star came to me all the way blinking…

Star escalated my curiosity, I looked into it,
The reflection I saw, I can’t permit,
A joyless face with a wrinkled skin,
I never realised when fiend robbed my beauty and threw it in a bin…

My beauty was gone, nothing was left,
Tears refused to roll down and I was bereft,
They asked,”who told u to trust someone so easily?
Who asked u to believe in someone so happily…?

No answer came from my mouth,
Cuz deep down I knew that the bond was in doubt,
But still I wanted to trust my eyes,
Now m left with ” no – tears” as it will hurt their pride…

A “sweet” betrayal

A ship was sailing alone in the sea,
‘Another’ came, joined and promised to be,
To be its friend, to be its hope,
To be its sister, to be its support…

Cool breeze was passing and water was so soft,
A beam of ray filled their friendship with hope,
The ship was happy and opened its heart,
‘Another’ saw inside it and became happy as a star…

Ship merged her life with ‘another’
Ship merged her emotions with ‘another’
Ship was over whelmed to have ‘another’
But she didn’t know that something will ‘bother’…

Wind exerted its power physically,
Ship was crying but was moving steadily,
Ship was moving to protect ‘another’
But it saw ‘another’ laughing with ‘bother’…

Ship grew weak and ‘another’ became strong,
Ship was sinking and ‘another’ became cold,
Ship smiled as she realized, its a revenge Cuz she betrayed her own life….