hypocrisy in everything

You question our clothes
You question our life
You suppress our thoughts
And still you are right…

You question big things
You question cruel lies
But when it comes to you
The ‘power’ goes to your mind!

The wicked you thus
Does cruel things
And then justifies it
By giving them political wings

You channel your power
By piercing her heart
In the end it becomes (for you)
Just a game of dart!

The harassing of a ‘her’
Has become an everyday thing
Nobody bothers, nobody cares
About this social sting.

The one who raises her voice
Thus face all the wicked noise
While the one who taught her to raise
Takes the stand and stifle her rays

This here is a very personal poem through which I wanted to show you all the hypocrisy of those people who are suppose to impart education and knowledge in society but ends up imparting wickedness , and as a result they crush and feed on those teachings which they preached themselves!


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