Happy independence day! <3

The essence of our freedom had its roots deeply dug in the soil of history which was cultivated with the spilling of innocent blood. The fruit of freedom which we enjoy today is very expensive but the sad part is that many people are not able to understand its price.

Many pious souls who also had their own families to take care of, went out of their houses to fight with that malicious and devilish colonial rule who was sucking the life out of our country. They fought for us. They did it for those people who were not even born at that time. They did it for those with whom they share no blood relations but what did we do? A question whose answer I guess is resting in the Bermuda triangle!

On this very day we got freedom from the colonial rule. We got freedom from their assertion, from their hegemony over us and we got it because of the selfless acts shown by our ancestors. This should be the day where we pay respect to them but some of us, I don’t know why, are raising the follies of our nation. Associating those kind of issues with our independence is an insult to the hard struggles with which our heroes went through.

It should be the day where we make commitments to our society, commitment to ourselves that no matter what the situation is, we’ll try to make it better for the people around us. Instead of finding faults in everything, they should spend their time in finding the solutions. It should be celebrated as the day of joy not as the day of finding faults!



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