A broken bridge

This is a bridge

now cold and broken,

once it was

all lively and in commotion…

its support, its liveliness,

touched the hearts of many,

but when it was in trouble,

no one could find a penny…

it was extended

As all seek profit,

tied with the wrong- end

and was constructed with a motive…

as days passed, it grew weak

its support, its liveliness became more bleak

years passed, it didn’t move

Because its liveliness was trapped and shoot…

once it connected,

people to people,

now it lies… broken,

pale and cripple


5 thoughts on “A broken bridge

  1. common still there are true people,those are very few ,but they are there…dont get disappointed !! you deserve the “Best One” among them!!!! 🙂

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