Lost love…

An expressionless face
And tedious ways,
Shines brightly
When you see things lightly…

A broken heart
and a piercing dart,
Becomes an art
For those who
Lives in star…

From above they see things
From above they see wings,
Wings of love spread in air,
Wings of love making things fair…

But we can’t see this earthly bliss,
We can’t see this fortunate kiss,
Cuz we are busy in materialistic life,
and it is busy in cutting us with a knife…


57 thoughts on “Lost love…

  1. Very true. Muskan, poems such as these rekindles the yearning for true love, once again!….and to last for ever. Please write more.. all the best.

    • Its true…all I wanted to convey from that is this only…we can’t see the love spread by those “wings” Cuz we are busy in earning all these materialistic things which in turn makes our life a living hell as we create an infinite difference in all our relationships…which is so sad..:(

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