Hello everyone…I want to share my happiness for being nominated for this lovely award by an amazing blogger, readloveexpress22…you all should check her post…they are pretty amazing…



Now there are certain rules which need to be followed…
1) nominate 10-15 blogs and notify the nominees

2)  post the link of the blog that nominated you

3)  share five random facts about yourself

Now the nominees for this award are….
the bibliophile diaries
dork chops
cindy knoke
Tokoni O. Uti

After following first and second rule its time to move on to the third one…now as per the demand of this rule, 5 random facts about myself are as follows…

1) I love to read books but the interesting part in it is that after finishing the book I imagine myself as its author and adds my perspective to it :p and after that I feel amused:p:v

2) I have become a fan of collecting paper bags and recently I got one harper Collins bag and trust me its more precious to me than my own life..:p:p

3) I am a huge fan of street food and as a result I got the title of a foodie by my college friends…

4) I claim very confidently that I am not scared of horror movies but deep down they scares the hell out of me..:p:p

5) now the last one…I love Korean dramas so much so that being an Indian I don’t watch any Indian drama…all my time goes in watching Korean dramas…

Well this was an interesting activity…I never thought I will get any such award… Once again Thankyou readloveexpress22 for nominating me..:):)



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