There is no change…

” He broke my heart Cuz he have changed”. A common statement made by people across the globe but is it really true? Do people really change? If yes, then how? How can someone ‘change’ just like that? Well these are some questions whose answer will differ from person to person. What I think is that, that people don’t change. We feel like they have changed because from the beginning they ‘ pretend’ to be someone they are not and as the needles moves, they unveil the mask under which they have been hiding their faces for so long!
            The plethora of pretension on which they initiated a relationship with someone expires over the period of time and as a result we see the true personality…this ‘newness’ shocks us and we began to question ‘how can you change’? Instead of asking this question I think we should ask how many more faces do you carry within yourself? Or how long are you going to play hide and seek with the world?


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