Do I know you?

Walking along the road, I tried to feel the air,
I sat on a bench, I tried to touch the sphere,
I saw a girl passing by my bench,
I stopped her, hugged her, Cuz I thought she was a friend…

We shared the same air, we shared the same bond,
We shared a same life, we drank from the same pond,
So much in common , I felt blessed
But wait, its not the end Cuz something was gonna stress…

I thought we will walk on the same road,
I never realised that she has already chosen a ‘boat’
She went toward a strange way,
I stood alone, shocked, and was not able to say…

So confused, I tried to recall,
I wanna know who created this hole,
Hole in friendship which I can’t fix,
Hole in the bond which made my emotions ‘mix’…

I recalled the face who passed by my bench,
Lightning struck me when I realized they do not match,
Girl who chose ‘boat’ over ‘friend’,
Was not the same Infact she was a fiend…

How can she change what happened to her?
How can she turn, I started to ponder,
I was walking, while I was thinking,
A star came to me all the way blinking…

Star escalated my curiosity, I looked into it,
The reflection I saw, I can’t permit,
A joyless face with a wrinkled skin,
I never realised when fiend robbed my beauty and threw it in a bin…

My beauty was gone, nothing was left,
Tears refused to roll down and I was bereft,
They asked,”who told u to trust someone so easily?
Who asked u to believe in someone so happily…?

No answer came from my mouth,
Cuz deep down I knew that the bond was in doubt,
But still I wanted to trust my eyes,
Now m left with ” no – tears” as it will hurt their pride…


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