A “sweet” betrayal

A ship was sailing alone in the sea,
‘Another’ came, joined and promised to be,
To be its friend, to be its hope,
To be its sister, to be its support…

Cool breeze was passing and water was so soft,
A beam of ray filled their friendship with hope,
The ship was happy and opened its heart,
‘Another’ saw inside it and became happy as a star…

Ship merged her life with ‘another’
Ship merged her emotions with ‘another’
Ship was over whelmed to have ‘another’
But she didn’t know that something will ‘bother’…

Wind exerted its power physically,
Ship was crying but was moving steadily,
Ship was moving to protect ‘another’
But it saw ‘another’ laughing with ‘bother’…

Ship grew weak and ‘another’ became strong,
Ship was sinking and ‘another’ became cold,
Ship smiled as she realized, its a revenge Cuz she betrayed her own life….


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