Rape- An Accepted Evil

Rape rape everywhere, not a life to live!!!

How strange is it that a woman who gives lives to others is now pleading for her own life. Her own existence is on the verge of extinction. I am not going to talk about why or in what context am I saying this because it is not something which we are not aware off. Not only in India but people across the globe are familiar with this issue. You know what I think, I think that there is no use for asking to save the lives of women because it will only add to our suffering. The problem is that when a rape occurs a woman is presented as a “weak figure” whose future is doomed and who will have to spend the rest of her life in the state of despondency.

this is the problem. Every brain bows down to the chauvinism whose consequences are painted on the face of a woman. The devil rests in our culture, our language which supports males at every step. For example- I am a Hindu and in my religion, at the time of marriage, there is this ritual called kanyaa-daan. Kanyaa means “girl” and daan means to give away something, a charity sort of a thing. So in this ritual, parents of the daughter “daan” or “gives away” their daughter to the male (and this ritual is an essential part if the wedding) thus objectifying a woman.

I live in a country where the word “woman” and its idea in the brain does not match. You must be wondering so as to what am I saying but unfortunately it is true. When a word woman is spoken aloud, people here don’t think of a “human being” but an object whose feet are limited only up to her “husbands household”. Not only Hinduism but Christianity also supports males, as according to bible, God made man in His own shadow but a woman was made out of Adams ribs…strange isn’t it?

There is a need to look into these small things and change it. For example- from the very beginning a girl is told to play with dolls whereas a boy is provided with cars and those other things. Thus from the beginning they are taught that a man is more strong than a woman and also that a woman is restricted only to do household chores. From the very beginning a daughter is taught that she is a paraayaa-dhan. ‘Paraaya’ means something on which we cant claim our right, and ‘dhan’ means money, hence planting the seeds in the minds of innocent that they are an object which does not belong to her parents but to an “anonymous figure” who will bear her responsibility and will provide relief to the shoulders of her parents.

Language is a way to share ideas, thoughts among other people. It also helps to shape peoples minds accordingly. So when a rape occurs, culprits or the wrong doers are not able to understand that they have committed a heinous crime and this thing is evident from the case of a gang rape which occurred in India at the night of 16 December 2012 in a moving bus. Culprits are not guilty because for them women are objects, a thing which they can use in any way.

You know everybody is asserting their comments loudly on how should a woman dress or how she should behave but nobody is talking about the evils created by the language while communicating. The ideology which language has setup in their minds is the real cause for all these horrendous things…


7 thoughts on “Rape- An Accepted Evil

  1. Yeah i agree with you. But the customs which have been rooted in the society, and minds of people can not be changed so easily.. It takes time, a long time in changing the peoples mind.

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