A Brave Step

To take a step, needs a lot of effort,

to make a way needs a lot of time

but if you keep still and do nothing,

God will punish you,cuz he gave you His time…

“He” created this world with an “Aim”,

“He” wants everyone to progress with “Him”,

don’t kill time just move with it

who knows you may hit,

something valuable which you desire,

you may become remarkable and aim with fire,

the world will know you as you please

you will get your “freedom” and don’t have to squeeze…

A single step starts a journey

but that single step can make you worry

its you who have to decide,

you side “Satan” or you side your “life”…

The “beat” within us would reach to its height

worried, frightened, it will control your mind,

but when this happen, do not be scared 

cuz all the noble people have already passed

this and dared…

The step you choose, just stick with it,

look up and move forward to it,

as and when, you will do it,

you will fill with words like…



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