A page from my diary…

Standing in a room I saw a hope

in form of a light he came and

made us elope,

in another world where I met many people,

in another world which was made of golden.

As I moved ahead the light became dim,

worried, frightened me looked pale and grim,

in order to catch that divine hope

I ran very fast and I wanted to elope…

I wanted to elope this earthly world,

I wanted to elope this curly world

But wait, my efforts got wasted,

cuz the hope didn’t told me

and did not hasted…

One day before I knew the reality

filled with sorrow, I followed the path

of criminality

I stole those moments, those air

which filled the room

locked them away in my brain,

I wanted to zoom…

In order to zoom I need to “re-feel” that air,

the broken me became more despair,

the longer I felt those moments in my heart

my soul cried but my face laughed.

I was happy cuz he was happy,

my soul cried cuz his was sad

but still my laughing face, cutely as a puppy

congratulated him and didn’t get mad

The hope of my life was being reduced,

all those memories still seduced

it killed so hard, that I closed my eyes

but wait, there is something I realized…

I realized its not the end,

this pause, this time has just made me stand

to face those realities which everyone  escapes

to face those realities which no one wants to face.

This hollowness I know I will fill with time,

cuz I know that this life is mine

I also know that one day I will meet

the hope which has just leaved…


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