Fake relationships…:(

A friend of mine once said something long ago but I understood its meaning  recently..She said and I quote,”Some people are like bubbles, you want to burst them when you see them.” very true indeed. Sometimes I wonder how can people spend their whole life living as a hypocrite. They will smile when they will see you and then behind your back they will say things which are just so appalling. On your face they will treat you as if you are the most precious gem on the earth and if they lost that gem they will be hanged..but as soon as you turn your back they show their true colors. World is full of such people and sometimes it scares me. Every relationship that surrounds me makes me feel nervous. This situation I think is like sublime. I want these relationships but yet they scares me. Everyone I think just sticks with you because they have their own personal motives which they want to fulfill. Any relationship which we make (apart from our family) are just like a mirage, from a distance they will give you a certain amount of hope but when you moves your steps towards it, true picture captivates your eyes which shows you “nothing”.


3 thoughts on “Fake relationships…:(

  1. absolutely true!!You must be thankful to “Time”,which has unmasked those peoples & you can learn from that..& we are thankful to you that you shared this..i think you are honest & directly writes with your heart rather than using “pen/keyboard”..gr8!!!

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