Needles of the past

   Needles of the past, jumped to another world..

                               Needles of the past says a lot in bulk!!!

Past is gone but still todays air carries certain particles which makes us struck towards our past. People usually says that time marches forward only so whatever you want to do, do it today but if this is true then how someone can fix those problems which were done ages ago..!

When I perused “beloved” for the first time, I learned two things, first, that your past will definitely come back to you no matter how fast you run away from it and second, that no “situation” is a “slave of time” and hence our reaction to a particular situation also remains unaffected by those constantly moving needles.”Life” and “time”- both words are small as it sounds but their actions have the power to change the “already established identity” of a human being. I found it really ironical how these two works..both these words are suppose to move forward in this pragmatic world but the reality shows a completely different picture. The former always runs from the past while the latter always brings it forward and then enjoys the show…

  Never say goodbye, because nothing goes..

                    everything comes and brings sorrows,

                    don’t confuse yourself in these two words

                    don’t blame yourself for everything that hurts.


2 thoughts on “Needles of the past

  1. The touching lines at the end are amply worth following.
    My thanks for following my blog. I thought I am already following you but to be doubly sure I am repeating the exercise. Please ignore this one if the earlier one is functional at your end. All the best.

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