An Invisibly Visible Feeling…

Whether it be the naked, colorless wind or the cool, pure  water, all of them have the power to dig out the emotion of love rushing in our veins along with blood. I still remember the touch of this feeling when I was in Kashmir. The serenity of nature, the melodious air, the constant rhythm of flowing water, all fills the body with an infinite amount of ardent love, which otherwise, I think people assumes they have already lost. Love – a very small word as it sound but the meaning which it carries is actually quite big. The ironic  fact associated with it is that we inhale this feeling every minute, every second but yet some people says that this world is deprived of love, that love is being marginalised in this materialistic oriented world. Why? Why do they say these things? Do they not love their parents or friends?  I was reading  Jane Eyre recently and there I read one line which unwinded so many thoughts in my mind. It reads, and I quote, “the beauty is in the eyes of gazer”. Very true indeed!!

A quintessential example of this would be an Artist. Their work allows them to romanticize even a basic, non – living thing like a chair. A simple chair can show multiple things. One can foresee the “support” which it gives when a person sits on it. Eventually, it depends on us how we want to look our vicinity, in what kind of world we want to live..a world where even a “chair” is cherished or a world where a  “beating heart” holds no value at all..

Don’t treasure love, just give it away,

cherish those moments which lovely says

those words which makes your heart beat

those thoughts which makes you look deep,

around the world when you see,

all you find is either love or mercy!!!…


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