Muddled Emotions

  I saw my reflection,I made an action,

I started walking but felt someone yoking,

I paused to look, the water kept me hook

it asked a question , I forgot all my commotion

‘why are you tensed’,it asked inquisitively

I stood there, paused, and looked deeply,

who is this? I asked nervously…

     A droplet came and sat on my cheek

     it was cool but it was to seek

     the truth from me, for which I was wandering

     the truth from me, whose answer I was searching

I asked it, do you know what is love?

it said, lemme show you something first

I moved with it without even thinking

I moved with it with my eyes blinking…

    It took me towards its starting point

    where it said, look down and see the joint,

    this joint carries all my love

    and it flows smoothly like a dove

The flowing water which became the joint

It smoothly carries animals and sends them to a point

very proudly, the water said;

“my emotions makes the animals nest”

     My love makes rough things soft

     my love takes away the harshness from its core

     it was singing loudly and lovely,

     but then I interrupted and said something positively.

The stones which you are praising can harm anyone

the stones which you are praising can take  life of someone

the stones are meant to be hard and tough

the stones are made with the quality of rough..

     The water kept still and looked perplexed

      I moved forward but still depressed

      I crossed a bridge and moved towards a town

     I saw a dollar and a clown…

I took the dollar and moved towards the town

in a hope to search an answer right down

the clown made everyone happy

the clown took the pride in being a puppy…

     after the show, the clown became sad,

     it surprised me so I went back

     I asked him – you are the source of happiness

     then what is it, why are you living in sadness..

My pain is physical , it makes me sick

I might may go in just one blink

all I need is just some money

so that I can save me and my honey…

      The little green monster stared at me

       the little green monster smiled evilly

       I told him that you make people greedy

       you don’t help them, you make them needy

the dollar said ,it depends on how am I used,

it proudly said “I never seduced”

I only buys happiness to whomsoever found me

I plays with the joys of whomsoever surrounds me

       I started my journey with one single question,

       I found myself in the labyrinth of commotion

       so many questions took over my mind,

        but at the end,”no answers” is what I find…


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