valuable moments

Just put a coffee mug by your side and cherish your old and good memories..feels good..isn’t it? Our memories made us realize one thing and that is ,we are not alone.We have those memories by our side which comforts us in every situation we face.It helps us to regain our strength,it helps us to relax.I was also recollecting the indelible memories of my school life and guess what, i feel like as if I jumped the time backwards and I am living those moments again.The hustle bustle of classroom,fights between friends and all those things took over my mind. Just by remembering those times I felt that the bond of friendship which I share with my friends became more stronger.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t realize when the needles of clock jumped to an hour. I looked at clock and remembered that I had some work to do for which I am late. But still those moments which I  treasured with my coffee mug, I will never be able to forget them




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