magic in every day life

By listening to the word magic,scintillating thoughts fills up our mind but what if i say that we encounter this magical world daily in our sub concious state.yes,we do feel it daily in the form of dreams.our dreams takes us to a world which is far away from the reality,a place where we can give ourselves more free space to live,a place where we are our own boss and thus no need to worry about all the stupid rules and regulations.I think that it is rightly said by some people that  “dreams are those wish which our heart makes when we are fast asleep”.If we try to analyse the root of this thought we will be able to conclude that it is through dreams only where we can fulfill our wishes,our desire to do those things which we are not able to do in real life so in that sense dreams actually works as a carrier which carries us away from the harsh looking reality to a more loose world where we are not bound to play a particular role.

Okay enough of deep thoughts.let me ask you one question.which magic(dream) do you want to happen in your real life?? of course we will select that one which had left a positive impact on us.This proves our longing to live in a world created by us and created for us friends i just want to say that dont indulge yourself too much into those harsh realities.Relax your self and give a chance to the magical world. May be you will be able to get a solution to the problem which you face in your real life!!  who knows!!


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